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Story Spark uses AI to create custom stories for your child. Simply input your story idea, and watch as their imagination comes to life in an exciting and personalized story.

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Customized Stories for Your Little Ones

Stories tailored to your childs interests, with images that reflect their personality and preferences.

Special Needs-Friendly Stories

Accessible and enjoyable tales for all kids, including those with special needs.

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Browse a vast collection of captivating stories, ready for you and your child to read and enjoy together.

Stories with Heart and Meaning

Discover stories with deeper meaning and valuable life lessons for your child.

Bedtime Stories for Entertainment and Bonding

Create enchanting bedtime stories to entertain and bond with your child. Infuse tales with wonder, adventure, and dreams, ensuring a delightful end to their day.


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Join parents and children alike in exploring Story Spark's collection of gentle lullabies and calming meditations. Experience moments of relaxation and imaginative bliss together.

Parent & Carer Testimonials

Hear why our readers love to use Story Spark as their go-to storytelling

A Mother

Really good to see that its not really complicated to understand for a person with autism, and from personal knowledge, this story connects with life.

A Brother

Amazing, I read it to my brother before bed and he fell asleep peacefully as he was dreaming about hanging with his real best friend Rony. I chose the story to be about him and his friend and we all loved it, really enjoyed it, keep up the good work.

A Teacher

Incredible! As a teacher, I’ve been using Story Spark for mystudents, and it has been a game-changer in the classroom. The stories are engaging and have sparked a newfound love for reading among my students

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