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What kind of story do you want to tell?

Stories tailored to your childs interests, with images that reflect their personality and preferences.

Designed with diversity in mind

Accessible and enjoyable tales for everyone, including those with unique learning needs.

1000s of ready-to-read tales

Browse a vast collection of captivating stories, ready for you and your child to read and enjoy together.

Stories with Heart and Meaning

Discover stories with deeper meaning and valuable life lessons for your child.

Bedtime Stories for Entertainment and Bonding

Create enchanting bedtime stories to entertain and bond with your child. Infuse tales with wonder, adventure, and dreams, ensuring a delightful end to their day.


What our customers say

Here's why parents, carers, educators love Story Spark...

Sarah's Mom

Really good to see that its not really complicated to understand for a person with autism, and from personal knowledge, this story connects with life.

Toby's Brother

Amazing, I read it to my brother before bed and he fell asleep peacefully as he was dreaming about hanging with his real best friend Rony. I chose the story to be about him and his friend and we all loved it, really enjoyed it, keep up the good work.

Lucy's Teacher

Incredible! As a teacher, I’ve been using Story Spark for mystudents, and it has been a game-changer in the classroom. The stories are engaging and have sparked a newfound love for reading among my students

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Join parents and children alike in exploring Story Spark's collection of gentle lullabies and calming meditations. Experience moments of relaxation and imaginative bliss together.

Story Spark FAQs

What type of personalized stories can I make with Story Spark?

Our Dreamer and Magician plans allow users to generate personalized Story books with 14 pages. Our Champion users can make a wide range of stories:

Bedtime Stories - text specifically designed for parents to read to children

Story Books - a text and picture book about anything you want

Educational Stories - story books based on learning outcomes with a quiz and suggested activity at the end.

Decoable Books - stories designed to teach children phonetic sounds.

How does Story Spark develop my child’s reading skills?

Story Spark is designed to make children enthusiastic readers. By making stories personal to their dreams, children love the process of making, editing and reading their stories. We also have literacy tools where children can click on any word to get its definition, word type and sound out the word for them.

Can Story Spark be used for educational purposes?

Certainly! Story Spark is a fantastic tool for educators. We have a special 'educational story' that can be made with a quiz and suggested activity at the end of it. This can be used to create customized stories that align with your curriculum. For example, if you’re teaching a lesson on ancient civilizations, you can create an adventure story set in Ancient Egypt. This engaging approach can make learning fun and more relatable for your students.

Is Story Spark suitable for children with neurodivergent needs?

When using Story Spark, you have the option to choose specific settings for children with autism, dyslexia, or ADHD. Our story generator will then optimize the text to cater to the unique needs of your child, ensuring that they can enjoy and benefit from the stories just as much as other kids.

What if I don't feel like creating a story?

Story Spark is an educational entertainment platform for children. When you don't feel like creating stories, we have a big library of stories where you can read about anything, tailored for different languages and needs. We also have an audio section with lullabies, meditations and audiobooks that you can listen to whenever you want!

Is Story Spark safe for children?

Yes! Story Spark is designed to be safe and child friendly. We ensure that the content generated is age-appropriate and suitable for kids. We are proudly trusted by over 80,000 parents around the world to give children a safe space to read more online.

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