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Created At: 2024-03-12

Make the most of the character description feature!

Part of enjoying a great story is the images in it. That’s why we try so hard to make the images in our stories as consistent as possible. We always tell our storytellers to be as detailed as possible for your main character using the character description box, especially if your character is a boy or girl!

An example of a good description would be ‘A girl with blonde hair, a red hair tie and black rimmed glasses.’

A bad description would be ‘a girl’. Or even worse if you don’t put anything at all!

Be sure to make the most of our image editing feature once you have made your story! Once you click to edit you will see the original image prompt which you can change to get exactly the image you want. Remember to keep the image style prompt in the description so you keep a consistent style!

Always remember the Story Spark team is always here to help. Just reach out if you have any issues!

Happy Storytelling!

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